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About CCA

At CCA, we pride ourselves on our ability to create impactful working relationships for our clients by placing talent correctly, the first time. As a creative staffing agency founded and operated by an experienced creative industry professional, the professionals at CCA understand the needs of our clients and the desires of our talent because we have stood in your shoes. We strive to provide our quality resources and experience to clients and talent, and to find solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of an industry.

CCA is a family-owned company, where we understand the importance of communication in the staffing process. As a result, our professionals always treat our clients and our talent as partners. That means we are always attentive and responsive to your questions, and will never leave you in the dark. Certified Creative Agency is part of Certified Employment Group. We have combined Certified’s resources and reliable reputation with specialized insights into the creative industry to create a team environment where all of our strengths are available to you, our clients.

About Our Founder

The Founder of CCA, Jessica Allegretti, is a Creative Producer with more than 10 years of experience working in the advertising industry. Over the course of her career Jessica has held creative roles with major clients such as McDonalds, HPE, HBO, Leo Burnett and many more. Like so many other talented industry professionals, Jessica has focused on growing the breadth of her professional knowledge and skill-sets to meet the ever-changing demands of these clients. As a result, she has intimate knowledge of how shifting accounts, team adjustments, and changes to the scope of work can affect the staffing needs of clients, and as a result, the work required from talent.

Jessica has first-hand experience working with staffing companies both as a client and as talent. She has experienced the difficulty of communicating the requirements for a role and of trying to explain her talents to someone with no practical understanding of the industry. This growing disconnect between staffing companies and their clients and talent lead to recruiters trying to shoe-horn her into roles that didn’t match her skill-sets, sending her mass email blasts for seemingly random roles, and even being ghosted after several rounds of interviews.

So she decided that creative companies and their talent deserved better, that you deserved better, and CCA was born.

We look forward to working with you.